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Got a question? We've got the answer.
Why choose Tier1Delivery?

Life is hectic and we all know that finding time to fit everything into your day can be a real challenge. Tier 1 Delivery is here to help you avoid making another trip to town. Whether you’re enjoying time with friends & family, working late in the office, or just feel like staying in Tier 1 Delivery will bring it to you, even if they won’t.

What does delivery cost?

The delivery fee is $6.00 per stop, with a 3.25% processing fee for credit card purchases.


What is your delivery area?

Our delivery area can be viewed on our delivery area map.

How does it work?

Once you have decided on services and place your order, either online or by phone, our first available runner will take care of the rest, delivering your order as quickly as possible.

How does food delivery work?

Our runners carry thermal (hot/cold) bags to guarantee the freshness of your
delivery, and we strive to pick up your order the moment it is ready. Unless specific
instructions are provided for the packaging of your meal, the carry‐out order will be
packaged at the restaurant’s discretion.

If you are a restaurant owner and wish to partner with Tier 1 Delivery, give us a
call. We welcome your patronage and look forward to developing a partnership.

You'll delivery my groceries?

All custom grocery orders with 15 or more items must be placed 24 hours prior to scheduled
delivery time. Orders with under 15 items can be placed for same day delivery. You must be
detailed with your order. Please include brand, size, and quantity. To ensure that we
accurately fill your order our runners will contact you if their instructions are unclear. Please feel
free to contact them if you would like to modify or add items to your order. If we are unable to
contact you about a discrepancy in your order we will omit the item in question.

We strongly encourage our customers to create a shopping list with the corresponding grocers’
website and share that list with us. This will help us ensure accuracy when fulfilling your order.
Twenty percent of the groceries cost will be charged as the delivery fee.

How do parcel deliveries work?

All packages must be under 50 lbs and able fit in the trunk of an average sedan. We charge
$1.00 a mile outside our delivery zone in addition to our $5.00 dollar base fee with a 3.25%
charge for cards. All packages are guaranteed to be delivered the same day or your package
will be delivered free of charge. You must have your package ready at your scheduled pick­up
time. If your package is not ready when our runner arrives we allow a five minute grace period.
However, you will be charged an additional $0.50 for every minute over the grace period until
our runner receives the package.

By using Tier 1 services you agree not to ship packages containing illegal products, materials,
or substances. Tier 1 will not transport firearms, ammunition, fireworks, explosives or any other
hazardous materials. If you have any questions about your local delivery needs please give us

What about custom deliveries?

If you have a special delivery request that we can assist you with please give us a call at 629‐201‐6907.

Do I need exact change?

Our drivers only carry up to $20 in change. Please plan accordingly.

Do I tip my driver?

Our drivers work hard and strive to provide excellent service. Receiving only a portion of the delivery fee, to cover fuel cost, our driver’s work primarily for tips.

The total cost of my food was supposed to be $27.18 but when it was delivered the runner told me it was $28.42, what happened?

Venues change the price of their products often. Here at Tier 1 Delivery we do our best to keep
those prices up to date, however these fluctuations can happen so rapidly that we can’t catch them
all. These changes along with extras such as special sauces, double meat, etc. can effect your order

Can I order from multiple places?

We can make as many stops as you like, however our delivery fee is $6 per stop.

Have an idea about how we can improve our services?

We like to know that we are providing the best services possible. If you think of something we can do to provide better service send us an email. We would love to hear from you.